Project Management

  • Search for new calls for European funding

  • Preparation of proposals for new programs

  • Planning and execution of European programs

  • Management of European programs such as Horizon, Erasmus+, COSME,  Interreg etc.

Lobbying & Networking

  • Encouraging participation and providing consultancy to Public and Private Bodies.

  • Continuous monitoring of announcements about European programs.

  • Development of business opportunities & Access to a network of European bodies and Organizations.

  • Participation in Workshops, Meetings and Seminars organized by the European Commission and other European bodies on an annual basis.

Creating Marketing Project Plans

Creating marketing project plans for businesses, sports facilities, associations, federations, legal entities under private and public law as well as for individuals.

Creating communication plans:

Creating and executing communication plans (press office organization, website management, social media management)

Creating technical scientifical plans

Creating all kinds of technical/scientifical plans aiming at further development of the capabilities of an institution, organization, facility for their participation/claim of European funding

Website Design

  • Design with easy navigation

  • Responsive Layout – Adjusting the appearance of all devices (mobile phones, tablets, PCs)

Internet & Electronic Marketing Services

  • Building easy-to-use and user-friendly websites

  • Planning, designing and building web applications (web apps & web portals)

  • Planning, designing and building mobile applications (mobile apps)

  • Building eshop

  • Planning and creating advertising campaign on the most popular advertising channels (e.g. Google, Facebook)

  • Editing and creating promotional videos or doodles

  • Technical support and hosting Video Live Streaming

Planning Programming Developing Configurating

  • Management System with the ability to import unlimited texts, pages, files and video hosting

  • Live Streaming service with code per user

  • Ability to embed the presentation (ppt) to live streaming and edit before upload to the website

Website Promotion

  • Bulding a friendly website to community sites such as Facebook and  well-known directories

  • Consulting services for website promotion

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